Reel Hawaii is a weekly insider’s news collection about Hawaii’s production business – film, television, commercials, photo shoots – and current information about those who work here in the business. Reel Hawaii is published each Wednesday though breaking news is added before the new blog is put up. 

Reel Hawaii’s mission is to gather and publish news that’s important and significant to and for Hawaii’s production community. As such, Reel Hawaii will not back away from controversies affecting the production community.

Reel Hawaii also is linked from Hawaii Film & Video Magazine’s website – http://www.hawaiifilmandvideo.com

Please send production information, photos, questions and comments to the listed Email listed on the website.

All opinions, information, and subject matter are the sole responsibility of Tim Ryan, who has 20 years experience covering Hawaii’s entertainment industry for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, People, US Weekly and other publications. 

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