Set Overview #4

It was a busy week at Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort not only with a nearly full house of guests but several productions including the feature film Soul Surfer, two television commercials by Capital 1, and a photo shoot by REI for its summer catalogue…Actually, Cap 1 spent several days on Lanai filming the first of three commercials with the theme set around “bugs,” sources said….Then they filmed the next two spots last Sunday through Wednesday on Oahu’s North Shore: three days at the resort and one in Haleiwa…

And Soul Surfer which begins filming Tuesday, Feb. 2 was holding extras auditions at the resort…

Crew #1

Guest being pulled coverin towel

Cap 1’s second commercial – created by Tool of North America – involved using two rain machines and two massive fans with blades that looked like aircraft propellors. The rain and fans were used to simulate the not-so-calm before a hurricane was set to hit showing two visitors oblivious to the drenching “rain” and flying debris, including pool chairs and palm fronds. The visitors pretended to be reading books while in chaise lounges then were being blown across the Resort’s pool deck. (Actually, both chairs had thin ropes attached and were being pulled by a crew member out of camera view)…Another scene showed the same two female visitors trying to to do yoga while being pelted by rain then blown over by the heavy wind…The message was that the Capital 1 card has no blackout dates so card holders are not limited to when they can travel on vacation…

Set Overview #3


Director of photography for the Capital One pre hurricane theme commercial was five-time Academy Award-winner Bobby Richardson (see below in long gray hair) who was also DP on the about to be released feature Shutter Island, The Good Shepherd, The Aviator, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 &2, Nixon, Casino, Natural Born Killer, and The Horse Whisperer

Waming the actors #1

Director #1Drtr conferring

For the third commercial, a “trained” pig was flown in from the mainland to simulate a tourist visiting the resort…This commercial’s message was about indentity theft…It had the the five trademark Vikings also used in several other Capital 1 commercials…The Vikings and the pig were living the high life on someone else’s credit card. In one scene a Viking is sitting with pig at the luau table when a roasted pig hanging upside down on a stick is suddenly carried by the pair…

Art Rivers was locations manager for the hurricane theme shoot while Stephanie Spangler (below left) did it on the piggy piece…

Stephanie Spangler

REI #2

REI’s still shoot (above) was the first one the outdoor gear company had done on Oahu. Other Hawaii locations have been Lanai, Molokai and the BIg Island. The production shot on the north side of the resorrt where there are no palm trees and “doesn’t scream Hawaii,” a production executive said…Maria Caprio was location manager…

Some 100 acting hopefuls auditioned for a variety of extras roles for Soul Surfer that begins eight weeks of filming on Oahu and Kauai next Tuesday..Casting vet Lorie Foi and her team are handling extras casting for the film…

SS Audition #2SS Audition #5

SS Audition #6

SS Auditions #7SS Auditon #1

ABC REALITY SHOW UPDATE: ABC was on Oahu shooting the “scripted reality” show tentatively being called either Almost Paradise or Oahu NIghts. The show ostensively is about people who work in Hawaii and show what it’s like to actually “live in Paradise.” The director told some cast the reality series is “like Sex in the City.” Here with the production were the pilot’s writers, director, and producer….

Filming was Wednesday through Sunday… According to sources, the production was ” all over Oahu”  with the 30-somethings local cast “acting like they’re somebody already, including several “Oh look at me!” functions…One location included the BLT Steak grand opening at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki…The production filmed Saturday night at a Kailua house and yesterday at the Kahala Resort where the actors…It took three different casting companies brought to Hawaii from the mainland to get the right mix…

The pilot is scheduled to air in late summer following Grey’s Anatomy

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