Daniel Dae Kim HIFF trailer

DDaniel Dae Kim as Chi with “writers block”

Overview set up

With the annual Hawaii International Film Festival in October rapidly approaching, it’s trailer time again with several members of Hawaii’s production community and actors, including Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim and models Eric and Kimi Chun all donating their time. Two days of filming was completed Friday at Island Film Group/HMI’s Halawa Valley Studios. The studio facility was provided without charge…All the crew working on the trailer donated their time and equipment…

Props and set dressing were provided by the Hawaii Film Office, Tammy Hasegawa. The story os based on the “Ink Blot” theme b: OrangeRoc


Kim, a longtime HIFF supporter, on Thursday spent some 11 hours – two longer than originally scheduled – at the studio portraying a frustrated director/screenwriter with writer’s block. While attempting to write a screenplay using an old fashioned style fountain pen, a few ink drops spill from the ink well. Kim starts seeing various designs in the spots that formed in the drops. It spurs his creative juices and his writing starts to flow in part about two a mysterious detective and femme fatal – the Chuns…The story moves very quickly with the images from the drops rapidly moving across the screen capturing some film grenres like action, romance, intrigue  before they reform on the paper. The story is finished when Kim…You’ll have to wait to see it on the screen…

Eric Chun soloKim arrived at the Halawa Valley Studios carrying his own wardrobe and other necessities in a backpack…

Eric Chun (r) plays a detective; wife Kimi (below left) is the “femme fatale”…

Kimi solo #1

This year’s trailer theme is What Do You See. HIFF trailers in recent years have been strictly narrative stories of three minutes or less. The 2009 version honors the medium of animation with this piece only about one minute in content. The key visual is the ink blot and how people focus on on what they see within the white and the black image…Previous HIFF trailers have been as long as five minutes…

Everyone raise thier hand now!

Crew members (l & R) Jason Fratis and Michael “Strawberry” Romano  gesture simultaneously about an upcoming scene

Todd Robertson, founder and CEO of Hyperspective Studios animation studios in Manoa – – is directing this year’s trailer. Hyperspective Studios also did some special effects for HIFF’s 2007 trailer…Hyperspective Studios is producing the trailer…

Director Todd Robertson watches kissing scene Director Robertson (l and r) fine tunes “The Kissing” scene…

Todd Robertson checks with Eric Chun

camera operator ? Romano makes adjustments

Camera operator Romano makes some equipment adjustments; The director of photography Mark Morgan (below right) jokes around with the stand in for Chun.

Stand in and DP ? play between scenes

Gaffer Jason Fratis adjusts lighting

Lighting adjustments

Director's silhouette #2

Chun feigns firing a revolver

The Name is Chun, Eric ChunT

“The Name is Chun, Eric Chun”

Kiss rehearsal #2

Prelude to “The Kiss”

Close up #4

Close up

Finally, “The Kiss”

The Kiss #1

The trailer will be shown to HIFF Ohana members at Dole Theaters on Sept. 30 and the general public soon after…

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