FAVAH today sent the following Email to members apprising them of the ” current status” of the Hawaii Film Office following a conversation between commissioner Donne Dawson and Jason Suapaia of Pacific Focus Inc. and Lewis & Montgomery.

— “The Hawaii Film Office is, and will continue to be, open for business.
 No one associated with the film office has been laid off yet.

— State Film Commissioner Donne Dawson and three of the film office staff
 (Brent Anbe, Kevin Inouye, and Sandi Ichihara) have been notified that
 their names are included on the state’s potential layoff list of 1,100 
state workers. Chuckie Kwak, longtime secretary for the Film Office will 
be retiring this Friday (7/31/09) so she was not notified of a potential 

— The Governor has stated numerous times that she does not want the
 layoffs and would have to resort to those layoffs only if a 
furlough/paycut settlement with the unions CANNOT be reached. Everyone
 continues to be hopeful that a settlement will be reached.

Tammy Hasegawa, facilities manager for the Hawaii Film Studio is the 
only Film Office staff who’s name is not on the potential layoff list. She 
continues to operate the studio facility where LOST is prepping for its 
sixth and final season.
– Sandi Ichihara continues to be on maternity leave until at least August
 31 so the film office is currently more short staffed than usual.

 encourage all productions to submit film permits as early as possible
 allowing at least five business days for processing”…

The FAVAH board apparently is working with Dawson on “an appropriate plan of action” with other industry related organizations to respond to possible layoffs in “one strong, unified voice”…





Soul Surfer update #323: The “official” prep start date is Aug. 10 for six weeks with principal photography set to begin on Oahu Sept. 22 through Oct. 30. The production then moves to Kauai for two weeks filming Nov. 6-20…Producers are Sean McNamara, David Brookwell, Dough Schwartz and Dutch Hofstetter

Congrats to producer McNamara and his wife Ellen who just had a baby…


University of Hawaii is offering a Motion Graphics and Effects course in Final Cut for designers and editors

on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 31-August 2, 9 a.m.–5 p.m….Instructor is Steve Szabo…The fee is $595 and includes textbook; $555, without textbook. Register for: L102074…

This three-day hands-on course familiarizes students with real-world effects techniques, including filters, layering, composite modes, and animating video, graphics, and titles. The practical approach to motion graphics focuses on the features of Final Cut Studio that editors and designers need to create motion graphics in their daily work. Using Motion, Final Cut Pro and LiveType, build creative titles, motion menus, show bumpers, and news opens as you learn everything from text animation, compositing, and keyframing to 3D set creation and camera animation…

To register call 956-8400 or go to www.outreach.hawaii.edu/pnm


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