FAVAH chairperson Stephanie Spangler and John Mason, Big Island Film Commissioner


They came, they chatted, they networked, and they asked and answered  questions. The Film and Video Association of Hawaii (FAVA) meeting last Saturday night at the Outrigger Canoe Club attracted more than 100 people from Hawaii’s production industry with even Big Island Film Commissioner John Mason taking time out from preparing for the Helen Mirren starer The Tempest making  the trip to Oahu…Oahu commissioner Walea Constinanau also attended…


(L-R) Donovan Ahuna, IATSE business agent; Walea Constantinau, Honolulu film commissioner; and Ken Sato, IATSE executive board member


The event was organized by FAVAH chairperson and locations manager Stephanie Spangler…A panel briefly made presentations about their own hopes and ideas for Hawaii’s production industry, including an emphasis that more you people be trained in various crew positions by IATSE and established crew as mentors. There were several comments by speakers emphasizing the importance of wannabes starting their production careers as production assistants…”This is not a business where you just step in as a director,” Spangler said…IATSE business agent Donovan Ahuna agreed that more IATSE workshops like the two done on the Big Island should be expanded to the other counties. “We need to train these keikis,” Ahuna said…


Producer Ric Galindez, Island Film Group; Genie Joseph, producer, Hawaii Film Studios; John Reynolds, Sea Otter Productions, Hawaii


Island Film Group’s Ric Galindez and Georja Skinner (director of Hawaii’s Creative Industries Division) agreed, saying that another goal must be to get as many qualified Hawaii crew hired on productions filmed here…


 (L-R) Ryan Kawamoto, Kinetic Productions; Georja Skinner, director, Creative Industries Division; and Andy Yamasato, Studio EX. 






Rann Watumull, Hawaii Film Partners,       

said his company has proven that local productions can produce their own products here successfully, point to Flight 29 Down and two animated shows the company is doing now in their Hawaii Kai studio…

The pep talks also emphasized that Hawaii’s production industry is a team effort regardless of what island a FAVAH member may be located and that continued success for Hawaii’s industry depends largely on a unified effort especially in the upcoming legislative session when purportedly some legislators are considering getting the state’s tax credits changed or revoked…  


(L) Hawaii filmmakers Torry Tukuafu & Gerard Elmore

Chuck Boller, director, Hawaii International Film Festival; and notable stylist Laine Rykes



Randy Spangler, locations manager; Chris Yozamtp with Bob Johnson, lighting technician


(Above left): Danny Rosner, HMI; Marilyn Mick, production scout & manager; Rick Galindez, producer/Island Film Group. (Above right): Robin Zucker, costumer & (r) Laine Ryles, stylist.


For a few moments some FAVAH members thought that Helen Mirren had stopped off on Oahu before making the trip to Lanai to start filming this week on The Tempest. Not quite but it was the look alike   award-winning costumer Kathe James who coincidentally is the “dresser” for Mirren. If the production needs a double maybe they can convince James to do both…                      
















The Film and Video Association of Hawaii is being held tonight at the Outrigger Canoe Club with the theme of “The Old Guard meets the Vanguard” organized by locations manager Stephanie Spangler. The gathering is booked solid with no space available…The panel of speakers include from the Academy for Creative Media Gregg Ambrosius
; Hawaii Film Maker Gerard Elmore
; Hawaii International Film Association’s Leroy Jenkins
;  Hawaii International Film Festival executive director Chuck Boller; Hawaii Screen Writers Association’s Margaret South
; Hawaii Student Television’s Rob Olague
; Honolulu Film Office commissioner Walea Constantinau; IATSE business agent Donovan Ahuna
;  Island Flm Group’s either Ric Galindez or Roy Tjioe
; Musicians Union rep Brien Mattson
; Pacific Islanders in Communications’ Ruth Bolan
; and from the Teamsters, Jeannie Ishikawa


Look for a full report on Monday, Nov. 10…


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