UPDATE: ABC’s LOST will hold an open casting call tomorrow Saturday Aug. 16th. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Ala Wai Elementary School, 503 Komoku St. The call is for both principal speaking and extra (non-speaking) roles this season. Applicants will fill out a form and and have a photo taken. The production is looking for all ethnicities especially those can speak a foreign language…And speaking of Lost, The Hollywood Reporter said today that Matthew Fox‘s new deal  gives him a 50-percent raise to $225,000 an episode. He previously earned $150,000 for each Lost episode. Evangeline Lilly reportedly is renegotiating her contract. Shooting on Lost‘s fifth season gets under way on Monday…




The Hawaii International Film Festival trailer this year begins shooting next week and will featureactors  Jason Scott Lee and Kelly Hu. Two days of exterior shooting will include downtown Honolulu-Chinatown area and Oahu’s west side…


Tropic Thunder‘s first day total is  $6.5 million after its Wednesday opening in 3,319 theaters nationwide.


CBS Television will try again to resurrect  Hawaii Five-0 in a revamped version in which Steve McGarrett’s son, Chris, is heading the state police office. According to Los Angeles sources with knowledge of the project. Ed Bernero, executive producer of  Criminal Minds, is heading the series remake which originally ran from 1968 to 1980 starring the iconic Jack Lord

Bernero told The Hollywood Reporter that “We will try and keep as much of the original show as possible” including the show’s memorable theme music.” In the original show the McGarrett character was never known to have had a son. The new Five-0 show is being described as Hawaii Five-O 2.0. The lead role has yet to be cast.


According to other L.A. sources, CBS Television owns the TV rights to the show but has contractual obligations to the estate of Five-0’s creator Leonard Freeman and its production partner George Litto Productions which owns any feature film version rights.  Sources say CBS must pay a fee to the Freeman estate and Litto Productions to do the TV series. Litto and Freeman did not know CBS’ intentions to do a remake of the series until the story appeared Tuesday in THR, a source close to the estate told Reel Hawaii.


Meanwhile, the film version is still being shopped around Hollywood with some discussions with Warner Bros. where the project originally landed. The film has had four screenwriters including Christian Gudenast, Max Makowski, George Nolfi and Roger Towne. Currently, no other screenwriter is working on the story. It’s been several years since Nolfi, the second writer to tackle the project, was in Hawaii doing research on the project. The project has a listed release date of 2010 on the IMDB website. No actor has been selected to play McGarrett. Executive producer is Andria Litto; producer is her father George Litto who sees the film version as a franchise not unlike the James Bond series of films. Litto has said the inaugural film will be “very high budget” as in around $100 million which, sources said, has been a difficult sell to budget conscious WB…


CBS and producer/writer Stephen Cannell in 1997 attempted to bring the show back when they filmed a two-hour pilot here starring Gary Busey and featured many of the original actors, including Kam Fong, Zulu and Moe Keale who are all deceased now. The pilot co starred  Russell Wong and Elsie Sniffen. The pilot never made it to broadcast and no official CBS reason was given…



Ed Bernero (above), executive producer of  Criminal Minds, will exec produce the new Hawaii FIve-0 2.0


Producer Bernero, 35, was born on Chicago’s North Side where he was a police officer for 10 years before becoming a television writer. He moved to Los Angeles in October 1999, and began working on an episode of F/X: The Series in November. He then met with Steven Bochco and David Milch, and was asked to write an episode of NYPD Blue. He was then hired to write for Brooklyn South and subsequently worked as story editor for Trinity. When that show was canceled, John Wells asked him to collaborate on a new show – Third Watch. When Third Watch ended, he made a deal with Paramount and received a script forQuantico created by Jeff Davis as part of the deal. After the pilot for the new show was filmed in Vancouver and the series, renamed Criminal Minds, it was picked up by CBS. Bernero became the showrunner after the second episode aired when Davis left the project.



Producers of the Oahu made reality show Heart of Paradise are in discussions with FOX network executives in Los Angeles for a premier date on Hawaii affiliate KHON that’s expected to be finalized next week. The hourlong show’s debut is expected to be late this year. 


Filming of Heart of Paradise at Waimanalo Beach


Meanwhile the production company this week is holding a casting call at Pacific Focus for voice over and on-camera talent. That will complete what’s needed to wrap filming for the show though final editing will take until Sept. 1. Executive producers are Bill Orihuela and Cynthia Lockhart (below right)



Producers are Shannon Vandermark, Rebecca Taylor and Cherie Tallet; Bill Paris of Crew Hawaii is director of photography; post editing by Steve Szabo. The camera team is Paris, Chuck Gooch, Scott Culbertson, Mathias Van Wessinger; assistant camera is Gerry Kaman. Audio is by Chris Wiecking and Marc Tallet. Brett Wagner is the show’s writer. Talent: Brandon Shantz, Jordan Segundo, Marlene Baldueza, and Antonia Aqui. Contract Media Group is doing public relations…


Paris (below left) has been working on a slew of projects including one still untitled for Kamehameha Schools on sustainability in Hawaii and featuring what the school is doing. The production has been six months in the making and is produced by Paris and Randy Brandt. The hour-long documentary narrated by Keohi Tucker is set to air on KGMB in October.


Paris has also been working with ABC’s Nightly News shooting HD on presidential hopeful Barrack Obama‘s life in Hawaii and after that one other Obama piece for ABC’s 20-20



Bill Paris (left) with two mainland segment producers during production of Heart of Paradise 







Neil Young‘s movie CSNY: Deja Vu is currently on OTWC pay per view – channel 990 or 620. Young did seven weeks of editing the Farish Media studio on the Big Island….


Continuing the journey that began at Sundance eight months ago, Brett Wagner‘sCHIEF recently completed its opening at two big events, including the Maui Film Festival, where the film won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Short Film. The Festival of Pacific Arts in Pago Pago, American Samoa also screened the film. The Festival of Pacific Arts is held every four years, each time in a different Pacific nation. Thousands of delegates from 27 different countries descended this year on Tutuila for 10 days of music, dance, crafts, and occasional cinema. Chief star Chief Sielu Avea and Wagner traveled to Pago Pago for the occasion with the generous sponsorship of Hawaiian Airlines and the support of Mayor Mufi Hanneman and the Honolulu Film office. In October, CHIEF will have it’s long-awaited hometown premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival. CHIEF also will be shown at the L.A. SHORTSFEST on Thursday, Aug. 21, at 3 p.m. and at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival at 4 p.m., Aug. 22. Producer is Dana Hankins with Christina Simpkins, executive Producer…


At Tropic Thunder’s Hollywood premier yesterday, a few dozen demonstrators showed up outside Mann’s Theatre to protest the movie’s repeated use of the word “retard.” People representing organizations like the Special Olympics and the American Association of People with Disabilities were carrying signs that read said things “Tropic Thunder, Colossal Blunder,” “We have abilities, not disabilities!”, and “‘R’ word is hate speech.” A coalition of some 22 advocacy groups has launched a boycott of the film. Andrew J. Imparato, president of the American Association of People with Disabilities, called the film “tasteless” and said it was “offensive start to finish.” 














Director and star Ben Stiller, who portrays a mentally disabled character named Simple Jack in a fake movie trailer in the beginning of the film, acknowledged the protesters’ right to speak their mind, but also defended TT.

“I did not set out to offend anybody, but sometimes, when you are making an R-rated comedy, that happens,” Stiller told reporters. “That is not what I set out to do, but I think the movie is good and it speaks for itself”…


Hopeful sign?: If SAG and the producers agree to a contract this week at least one very production friendly Hawaii hotel which has had “lots of discussions” with productions waiting to film here may be announcing some tremendous news. Stand by…



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