An Icon is Reborn


Part of legendary Honolulu police officer Chang Apana‘s story is being told in a five-minute short film tentatively titled Chang Apana slated to be shown at this year’s Hawaii International Film Festival. The fictional movie detective Charlie Chan was patterned after the five-foot tall Apana who carried a whip instead of a gun. Author Earl Derr Biggers met Apana while vacationing in Waikiki and created the character Charlie Chan in 1925. It’s too early to reveal much but here’s what Reel Hawaii knows. The locally produced independent film finishes its three-day schedule tomorrow. There’s been one day of exterior filming in Chinatown and two days of green screen work. The projects is the brain child of Hawaii radio talk show host John Noland who for years has wanted to get the story on film. Noland, a producer on the film, hopes the short film directed by Michael Wurth sparks enough interest to make it a series. Other big news is that veteran actor and former Hawaii resident Carey Tagawa is playing Apana. The film’s co star is newcomer Merlinda Garma, host of Hawaii Skin Diver TV...Jon Brekke is executive producer; Colin Fong is stunt coordinator. More details to come…Garma and actor James McCarthy are students at Scott Rogers Academy of Film & Television. McCarthy also teaches the keiki classes at Academy.


                                       Carey Tagawa as Chang Apana







Actors Merlinda Garma and James McCarthy in a scene from Chang Apana.












Director Michael Wurth and executive producer Jon Brekke review a scene.







Carey Tagawa (left) and director Michael Wurth (right) discuss an upcoming scene in Chang Apana. (Rear left) Eddie Croom, HPD police museum curator and (right) John Noland, producer. 


 Stunt coordinator Colin Fong










Carey Tagawa prepares for the ladder jump stunt.



LISTEN UP! ABC has announced that season five for LOST will have 16 episodes but actually there will be an additional two hour closer – or number 17 episode…

Rachel Sutton is the new local LOST casting person. Sutton did extras casting in 2006 for two episodes on Beyond the Break, Winger Chicks and Charging It...

She’s holding an open call for SAG members exclusively who are interested in auditioning for principal roles for the upcoming season. The auditions will be held Saturday, Aug. 2, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hawaii Film Studio, at 510 18th Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816. Bring a headshot and resume. For members who cannot attend, you can mail the headshot and resume to Grass Skirt Productions, LLC, Attention:  Principal Casting, 510 18th Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816. For more information call Brenda Ching at SAG…


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