ABC’s Lost which just finished its fourth season is nominated for eight Emmy Awards including best drama series and supporting-actor for Michael Emerson who portrays the character Ben Linus. Other nominations include: editing (Henk Van Eeghen, Robert Florio, Mark J. Goldman, Stephen Semel), cinematography ( John Bartley), sound editing and sound mixing, and Michael Giacchiano for musical composition. The eighth nomination was in the category of Special Class -Short-format Live-action Entertainment Programs, for Lost: Missing Pieces mini-episodes posted online at www.abc.com. Emerson also was nominated last year but lost to Terry O’Quinn who plays  John Locke on the show. Interestingly, Lost was not nominated for writing or directing…

Pre production on Lost is supposed to begin later this month with filming to start in August depending on whether or not the Screen Actors Guild calls for a strike. No season five premier broadcast date has been been announced for Lost. Speaking of which there’s been no apparent progress between SAG and the studios this week. SAG execs say they’re still bargaining while the studios say talks have ended…

Island Film Group & Princess Kailulani Update: The most production work in Hawaii this year outside of ABC’s Lost comes from Island Film Group owned by attorneys Rick Galindez and Rick Tjioe. IFG produced the feature film Princess Kaiulani in partnership with England’s Matador Pictures, and two Lifetime movies of the week. Combined spending for the three productions was about $15 million, including “about $7 million” for the Princess Kaiulani drama, Galindez and Tjioe say.

The stand out production is the Princess Kaiulani feature film which is being marketed as a love story by Content Films, the production company’s sales agent. “PRINCESS KA`IULANI combines the profound natural beauty of Hawaii with the sweeping romance of a classic Merchant Ivory epic,” according to Content Films promotional material. “The film right now is being marketed as Princess Kaiulani including the promo shown at the Cannes film Festival,” Galindez says. “We’ve already gotten some sales there based on the promo.” But the title may not stick depending in part on what the as yet not chosen domestic distributor wants, he said. “If a domestic distributor picks up (PH) and puts in $30 million, $40 million, or $50 million it will be there call,” Galindez says. “How do they want to promote the film?” Princess Kaiulani filmed in Hawaii before moving to England to shoot there for nine days. Post production is being done in England.

The producers plan some special events for the premier of the film in Hawaii that may include the Royal Hawaiian Hotel venue, Sunset on the Beach, Hawaii Theatre, or a mini outdoor fundraiser showing on the grounds of Iolani Palace.) Island Film Group has other projects in development, Tjioe says. 

STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS ALERT: There’s a new photography store on Oahu with a full range of available professional camera gear especially for Nikon and Canon users. What’s particularly exciting about the store is its large inventory of high end pro gear meaning there’s no wait to get what you need right now. Lighthaus Camera in Honolulu is located at 2885 S. King St. Honolulu, HI 96826. They can be reached at 955-5155…

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