Momma’s Boys Sought for Likely Hawaii-Based Reality Series; Kelsey Grammar Suffers Mild Heart Attack

Momma’s Boys Sought for Likely Hawaii-Based Reality Series; Kelsey Grammar Suffers Mild Heart Attack

UPDATE: Kelsey Grammer, 53, is resting in a Hawaii hospital after suffering a mild heart attack on Saturday apparently while paddle boarding with his wife Camille. The couple own a home on the Big Island. He’s scheduled to be released early this week…


AT&T descended on From Here to Eternity Beach at Halono Blowhole today to film a commercial highlighting the strength of the company’s wireless phone reception. Los Angeles-based Harvest is the production company. Some 30 extras selected by Anna Fishburn casting portrayed nudists at a beach supposed to be in Spain. No one was nude but the flesh-colored swim suits worn by the actors even from a short distance gave that illusion. Here’s the story line: An American family on someone’s suggestion visits this beach no knowing it’s clothing optional. When someone tries to warn them by telephone, the family’s non AT&T wireless service isn’t strong enough to ring their phone. So they wander in the middle of the nudists before they realize all the sun worshippers are nude. The father is played by Jim Connor; wife by Anne LaRusso; Kylee Anderson, daughter; Charles Hayes, father in law; and Kristin Apcar, daughter in law. Baker Smith is director. He directed the Toyota Superbowl commercial known as “a kayaker’s truck meets high tide.” Filming wraps tomorrow at Makapu’u beach. The commercial is costing about $300,000…
















Momma’s Boys Auditions: Are you a mom looking to find love for your son? Are you a mom who’s frustrated that her son is not dating the right women? Do you look forward to the day your son finds the love of his life and you get the wedding of your dreams? Maybe you’re even still living with your son under your roof, and it’s time he found a mate, and a place of his own? Well then, NBC is seeking mom’s of eligible young men who are ready to help their sons pick the right woman. Momma’s Boys produced by executive producer Ryan Seacrest and the producers of Average Joe-Hawaii are expected to begin filming as many as five shows in Hawaii later this month. The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island and Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu reportedly are interested in being home for the show. Producers are looking for mom’s and their sons who are willing to work together as a team to find the perfect mate. These mothers should have strong opinions about whom their son’s should date and be willing to separate the good from the bad. If you’re a mom looking to find love for your son and you are ready to be a great character America will love to watch in the process, please email producers your brief story and at least two photos to: 




Include your city and state in the subject line and make sure you include all contact information. Applications are now available for download. Click on the appropriate category to get started!  Single Male; Single FemaleI’m A Momma.




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