Into the Blue 2 Hits The Water

Into the Blue 2 Hits The Water

Into the Blue 2 filmed Friday at the Hawaii Yacht Club. (L-R) Cameraman Robert Altman, camera assistant Rick Brock, actor Tim Lechner, and (far right) Laura Vandervoort


UPDATE: The DVD feature film Into the Blue 2 had its last day of dry land filming on Friday. The production now moves to Oahu’s West side for nine days of filming on boats and under water, including night dives filming. The actors, all SCUBA certified in California prior to filming in Hawaii, will spend at least two days filming under water. The production team understands potential dangers from exhaustion, sunburn, nausea, and even hypothermia in water conditions. The actresses will not be wearing wetsuits but bikinis. The scenes contain the majority of the film’s action sequences, primarily fist, revolver and speargun fights aboard dive boats. The battle ostensively is over ownership of millions of dollars in Spanish doubloon which, according to the story, were aboard a Spanish galleon when it was caught off Oahu in a hurricane and sank. Brian Keaulana pulls double duty work as second unit director and water safety coordinator; marine coordinator is Victor Lozano; stunt coordinator, Brock Little. The guy who will slap sunscreen cast and crew is medic Francis “Sonny” Julian…”A” camera operator is Robert Altman, son of legendary director Robert Altman; Don King is “B” camera operator; Mark Gerisamenko is on “alternate camera”…Budget for the Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment and MGM co production is in the $3 million to $5 million range…Executive producers Hudson Hickman and executive producer Craig Roessler told RH that the primary reason they filmed in Hawaii is the state’s Act 88 tax incentives. Producers were so swayed by the incentive that the script was rewritten from a Caribbean location. Another reason is that producers Sean McNamara and David Brookwell‘s experience in filming three seasons of the Beyond the Break series here…






(L) Robert Altman & Rick Brock                                                                     Cameraman Don King (R)

                                                               Director Steve Herek


Actors Tim Lechner, Chris Carmack and David Anders


…Some local crew who worked on the recent Indiana Jones film are listed in the credits, Renee Confair, production supervisor; and Angela Laprete, production coordinator. The Hawaii Film Office and Big Island Film Office also are noted… 

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