Flirting Brings Joy to Actors, Executives & Especially Paparazzi

Flirting Brings Joy to Actors, Executives & Especially Paparazzi


UPDATE MAY 2: Island Film Group and Lifetime wraps two weeks of Oahu production of Flirting with 40 today at Waimea Valley Park. The extra half-day shooting at Waimea Valley was necessary when film shot there last week was damaged.The “Publicity You Can’t Buy” quotient was huge during three days of filming in and around the Royal Hawaiian Hotel  as some 10 paparazzi descended on Waikiki Beach to capture Flirting stars Heather Locklear and Rob Buckley. Budget restrictions at first limited security to just two men on the beach but that doubled Wednesday and Thursday when producers realized they were outnumbered by the photogs.

By the time Flirting filming finished Thursday afternoon Locklear was waving at the now familiar photogs one of whom said he had shot more than 3,000 images of the actor.

The movie of the week airs in December...

 Rob Buckley and Heather Locklear filmed in Waikiki this week for Flirting  with 40









The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is a prominent character for Flirting with 40’s storyline.

 By the end of the Waikiki filming on Thursday even director  of photography (l) Jon Joffin and producer Lynn Raynor were  joking around.








Private Security’s veteran guard “Bobby” (above) chased paparazzi on the beach then guarded the gate where actors and execs exited through between scenes.



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