The Reef Lands, Heather Flirts, Damon Maybe

The Reef Lands, Heather Flirts, Damon Maybe

The Reef looks to be the final name for MarVista Entertainment-MGM co production movie of the week that films on Oahu May 12-June 6. Director is Stephen Herek who has a storied list of credits including 2001’s Rock Star, Holy Man (1998), 101 Dalmatians (1996) and Mr. Holland’s Opus. Screenwriter is Mitchell Kapner. Names of the ensemble cast has not yet been released. Local crew so far include Angie Laprete, production supervisor; John Reed, transportation coordinator; Camille Hendrickson, set decorator, Don King, 2nd unit DP and Brian Keaulana, 2nd unit AD. The Reef is loosely based on the film Into the Blue Part 2 which was about a group of divers who find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane. Coincidentally, Blue was directed by John Stockwell who helmed Blue Crush here. Most of The Reef will be shot on Oahu’s West side with a “tremendous amount” of water scenes. MarVista producers Sean McNamara and David Brookwell shot three seasons of Beyond the Break here also mostly on the West side. A source says the story could become a series depending on the popularity of the MOW. The production office is at the Ilikai hotel. At least half of the 60-70 member crew will be local. The film originally was written for the Caribbean…

(L-R) Producer Sean McNamara, 2nd unit AD Brian Keaulana, producer David Brookwell

(L-R) Sean McNamara, Brian Keaulana, David Brookwell

Director Stephen Sodenbergh (Out of Sight, Traffic, Ocean’s 11) will be bringing his big budget pic The Informant (Warner Bros.) starring Matt Damon to Oahu as early as June. According to sources close to the production, The Informant would film no more than a week on Oahu though the original plan in February was about six weeks. The Informant also is filming in Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. The film also stars Scott Bakula, Joel McHale, MIke O’Malley, Andy Daly, Tom Papa and Rock Overton. Jennifer Fox and George Clooney are producers. Bakula and McHale play FBI agents working with agri-business insider Mark Whitacre (Damon) to stop a price-fixing scam. The film is based on Kurt Eichenwald‘s 2000 best-seller “The Informant: A True Story.” Why Hawaii? The scientist in the story who went to the FBI with secret industrial information  was taped at the former Sheraton Makaha resort…

Heather Locklear is supposed to wrap Lifetime’s movie of the week Flirting with 40 on Friday but it looks like an additional half day is necessary for filming at Waimea Valley Park. While here Locklear stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the two-bedroom, oceanfront Presidential Suite – $3,900 a night rack rate. Three days of filming through Thursday are in and around the the Royal including a huge beach scene today 4/30 and in the Kamehameha Suite on Thursday. A pre-fabricated “Surfboard Shack” was erected last night on the beach fronting the Royal Hawaiian for today’s filming. Some production execs were gushing about local set decorator Rick Romer about theincredible job” he did redoing the Kamehameha Suite. Flirting with 40 is produced by von Zerneck/Sertner Films, Peace Out Productions and Sony Pictures Television for Lifetime Television. It will air during the Christmas holidays…

Robert Buckley (center) plays Locklear’s surf instructor during her Hawaii vacation. This scene was filmed at a Sheraton Waikiki pool.


Bryan Furer, Flirting with 40’s makeup department head, checks out a concern of actor Robert Buckley.


HBO’s hit show Entourage wrapped last week after 2 1/2 days of Oahu shooting including a day at Waimanalo Beach Park where crew erected a 250+ square-foot beach shack to fit the storyline of the show’s two main characters – Adrian Grenier and Kevin Dillion – who come to Mexico – Hawaii is the stand in – to escape the pressures of Hollywood. The duo eventually are tracked down by Grenier’s manager played by Kevin Connolly and his agent (Jeremy Piven.) Filming wrapped with a half-day shoot off Makua Beach where actors rode Jet Skis coordinated by Brian Keaulana

In Case You Didn’t Get The Memo: Hawaii Film Partners plan to launch production on the six-hour mini Twentysixmiles is dead. Hawaii was going to double for California’s Catalina Island. No specific reason given except hints of artistic differences… 

STRANGER THAN FICTION: Word around Hollywood is that Matthew McConaughey has been offered the role of Thomas Magnum in Universal Picture’s still-in-development movie version of Magnum, P.I. And his possible rumoredco star could be Kate Hudson who reportedly is mulling over the script by Rawson Thurber



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